Wealthy Affiliate or WA, as it is called, is a system or community built to help people build wealth online through Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing i.e. by promoting products or by ads.

According to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) first page, this is how it Works

  • Choose an Interest
  • Build a Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn Revenue

Money is made by selling either product or services or both.
So, Wealthy affiliate is not going to make difference to this basic concept of how money is made.
WA is a system which helps you make money.
And in the affiliate marketing parlance, it’s not selling, it’s called Promoting !
You promote products/services & make money.

Let me explain you how WA works, backwards.

Earn Revenue
You earn revenue by promoting products.
Promoting products to whom ? Definitely there has to be a set of people who’ll read your recommendation and buy product.
So, we need people or as we call it, “Traffic”!

Attract Visitors
This is the MOST difficult part.
WA teaches you through dedicated tutorials, blogs of fellow WA people.
And there is a Free Keyword Search tool too. The tool tells you which keyword more people are attracted to.
It’s like selling what people are searching for!
Where are they searching the products, yes, it’s on internet.
So, you need a website where you’ll promote products to people and earn revenue, if people buy based on your recommendation.

Build a Website
For some, this can be even more difficult than what I called MOST difficult.
Building a website is akin to building a house – construction + design, a lots of bells & whistles !
How would it be if you get pre-built design and need to just choose decorations of your choice.
This is where CMS (Content Management System) comes. They allow you to create a website giving you all the basic structure.
You just fill in the structure with your own logo, content (promote product, share your ideas with people … blog), colors, etc. WA supports the world’s most popular CMS – “WordPress”.

Update: WordPress is a software which allows you to create a website, quickly & easily without knowing technically much.  If you know what you want to write on the website, how part is pretty easy with WordPress. To know more about WordPress, go here.

Choose an Interest
You have a website. Each website is about some topic or niche, as Internet Marketing guys call it.
If you love Pets, talk about pets.
You love baseball, discuss baseball.
You love to bake, just tell the world how to bake.
You are a geek, talk programming.
Possibilities are endless.

Choose area of your interest. Create a website.
Share with people your ideas on your area of interest. Also recommend products you like.
Earn a commission for every sale which happens because of you.
Don’t worry
There are standard ways which can attribute sale to people like you.
There are ways which help you to attract visitors.

Definitely, nothing would happen overnight. It takes time.

There are two types of membership – Premium & Free.

What do you get, when you pay ?
– 25 (WordPress) websites hosting every year
– 25 WordPress websites on Subdomain.
– Comes with some standard WordPress plugins to get you started. It means, you are good to go after basic installation itself.
– Unlimited domain emails myname@mydomain looks way better than coolMe7654abcdef@SomeEmailProviderDotCom
– Instant support. Few minutes is all it takes for them to respond.
– Keyword Research tool to help you what people are searching.
– Tutorials (Video/Text) on Affiliate/Internet Marketing : how/what/why.
– Handholding
– Community support
– 52 live Webinars Every year on topics which are relevant to you in this industry.

Will you outgrow WA ever ? Some part of it, probably. Whole of WA, probably never !
You can always participate in WA affiliate program, whether you are Free or Premium member. Just being a premium member means, you get paid more as affiliate comission !

For Free, this is what you get :
– 2 wordpress websites (subdomain) benicar price.
– Training for Beginner
– 30 searches using Keyword Research tool

This is the difference between Starter (FREE) and Premium membership:

Some issues (some people may have) with WA
– WordPress only hosting.
– Free is not available in all countries
– If you are thinking of website hosting for few websites, $47 per month is too much.
– Information can be overwhelming.Though exactly not an issue but for some, information overload can be FATAL !
– There is no “done for you” concept in WA. You work towards your own success – you’ll get ample help & hand-holding.

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime !

Interested in WA, begin with Starter pack.

If you have had any experience with WA, share and let the whole world know.